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Here we have a small amount of original Autographs.

All were obtained in person at signings and some were obtained at private functions.

In most cases the signatures have been obtained in person as I am friends with certain stars in the film industry.

All my autographs are 100% real and carry a lifetime guarantee.

All autographs have been collected in person by me, or sent to me by the celebrity in question.

Some autographs don’t carry a C.O.A as they were signed in private at a convention or when there has been a film release or premiere.

Retrotoyrevivals can produce a C.O.A for you, and in most cases we do try to get photographic evidence of the actual person signing the items or certificates so the buyer is fully assured that what they are buying is 100% real and genuine.

In regards to Wonka items .. Julie Dawn Cole does at least 4 to 5 conventions a year and in most cases I will give her the items to get signed by the rest of the actors when she is there as this is the easiest way to obtain the signatures I need without having to travel half way around the world myself to get them.