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This new section to our site lets you buy the toys you know and love as they looked back in the 60s and 70s.
We now stock lots of refurbished models from Batmobiles to Fab 1s we have loads !!
These are not your usual tat models that have a quick spray job and wrong colour with the incorrect rivets put in … we have all seen them and the internet is full of people who think they can refurb a model back to its former glory, but in reality they are very poor and look nothing like they should.
Introducing Darren to our site..
Darren has been restoring models mainly Corgi and Dinky for over 25 years now and he really is the best in his game..
Darren takes the time to strip, clean, spray and reassemble the models back to how they really should look from back in the day when they were new.
Darren only uses the very best materials to do the job correctly and the colours of his models are breath taking !! they really look like the originals once complete.
Please view below the extensive list of models to now purchase.
Any questions please ask…


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